| 2012 |

| 2010-2011 |
Freeze "I.O.U" (Davidson Ospina 2011 Remix) Ospina Digital
El Cantor "Toma" (2011 Remix) Ospina Digital
Gene Douglas Ft. David Walker "Heaven" Almost Heaven Music
Susu Bobien "I Got My Pride" Diva Down Prod.
Inaya Day "My Cry" Slaag Reecords
Ollie Brooke Ft. Kylie Auldist + Damon Grant "Love, Lies,Life" Pure House Music
Loverush UK Ft. Carla Werner "Give Me Your Love" Sea To Sun
Mustafa feat. Tasita D'Mour - Love
Greg Stainer "Keep it Real" Stained Music
Keith Thompson "Remedy" Thompsonic
Onur Ozman "Not Enough" OneThirty Rec.
Jevne - Jet Sent - OneThirty
Sebastian Fiebak - All I Do - Still Cookin
Lidell Townsell - Nu Nu - MJD Music
Maurice Joshua ft JV - Find A Way - MJD
Maurice Joshua ft Andrea Love - More Love - MJD
Jake Childs - Spells - Skilled Records
DJ Salah Ft. Nova Emad "Another Dream" Gaga Rec.
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing - Columbia
Physics - Holdin On - Seamless / Bargrooves
Peech Boys - Dont Make Me Wait - West End
Phil T Project "Love Commandments" Open Bar
Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl - Columbia
Kristine Elezaj - Always - ZAJ Prod.
Christina Aguilera "Ain't No Other Man" RCA Records
Omarion Ft. Deluna "Cut Off Time" Sony
Mario Vazquez "One Shot" RCA
Antonis Remos "Ozo Zo" Sony

Britney Spears "Baby, One More Time" (2005 Remix) Jive/Sony
Gala "I like the Way You" EMI/France
Linda Clifford "How Long" RGP
Rob Thomas "Ever The Same" Atlantic
Black Fras "Moving Into Light" Universal
Milan 5 "Habanera" UK
Danielle Bollinger "When the Broken HeartedÉ" EsNtion
Brandy "Who Is She To You" Atlantic
Cabas "Tu Boca" EMI Latin
Marc Anthony "I Need You" Sony
Marc Anthony "Tragedy" Sony
Britney Spears "Baby, One More Time" Jive
Britney Spears "Bottom Of My Broken Heart" Jive
Britney Spears "Opps, I Did It Again" Jive
Back Street Boys "All I Can Give" Jive
Back Street Boys "I'll Never Break Your Heart" Jive
Enrique Iglesia "Bailamos" Interscope
Gloria Estefan "Como Me Duele" Epic/Sony
Albita "Valga El Brillo.." Epic/Sony
PYT "Something More Beautiful" Epic/Sony
Mandy Moore "Candy" Sony/550
Anna Voog "Hollywood" Universal
Gipsy Kings "La Rumba De Nicolas" Atlantic
Pet Shop Boys "To Step Aside" Atlantic
Randy Crawford "Forget Me Not" Atlantic
Full Intentions "America" Atlantic
Randy Crawford "Forget Me Not" Atlantic
Dimitri From Paris "Sacre Fracais" Atlantic
Angelica "Quando M'en" Atlantic
Kim Myzel "Young Hearts Run Free" Capital
Hannah Jones "Move Closer" Ariola/Bmg
Outhere Bros. "La La La Hey Hey" Aureus
All Star Madness "Magic" Atlantic
Shana "Just Because" Playland
Reeves "Risk" Warner Bros.
Michael O'hara "Believe Yourself" 4 Liberty
New Ethics "Save Me" Priority
Too Precious "Make It Right" Ten Lovers
Pump Friction "Gotta Party" Logic UK
Strafe "Promises" Playhouse
Loretta "Boys" Reprise
Grandmaster Flash "White Lines" Deep Beats
Gina G "Just A Little Bit" Warner Bros.
Dina Carroll "Living For The Weekend" Manifesto
Gusto "Let's All Chant" Manifesto
Bobby D'ambrosio "The Day" DMC
Roc & Kato "Alright" Slip 'n' Slide
Urban Soul/Sandy B "Back Together" King St.
Zero Vu "Feels So Good" PLayland
James Howard Newton "Theme From ER" Atlantic

| 2012 |
"U Turn" - Dawn Tallman / Diva Down Prod. 2012
"The More I Get, The More I Want" - David Walker / Ospina Digital 2012
| 2010-2011 |
"Night Vission" (2011) Davidson Ospina Ft. Rainy Paine / Ospina Digital
"Got Love" (2011) Davidson Ospina / Soul Fuel Rec.
"Delight" (2011) - Davidson Ospina / Ospina Digital
"Toma" (2011) - Davidson Ospina / Ospina
"Well Of Love" (2010) - Davidson Ospina Ft. Mj White / Ospina Digital
"Strings" (2010 Remix) - Davidson Ospina / Ospina Digital
"Do U" (2010) - Davidson Ospina / Ospina Digital
"Only U" (2011) - Ospina & Oscar P ft Vicky Martin / Ospina Digital
"So Lonely" (2011) - KqueSol & D.O.O.P. Ft Shatti / Open Bar
"Heard The Bell" (2011) - Crystal Waters, A. Salih / Azucar Dist
"GBDB Morning Song" (2011) - Ospina & Oscar P / Open Bar
"Drifting" (2011) - D.O.O.P. / Open Bar
"Marvin's Song" (2011) - D.O.O.P. / Open Bar
"At Midnight" (2010) - Thompson-Davidson Ospina-Oscar P / Waking Monster
"Move On Up" (2009) - Ospina & Oscar P ft Jaime Lee Wilson / Open Bar
"See U Coming" (2009) - Ospina & Oscar P ft Marie Mascari / Ospina Digital

| 1995-2009|
Danielle Bollinger "Feelin' Like A Fool" Esntion Records
Henderson " I want It" Ospina Digital
D.Ospina & D' layna "Just Release" Clubstar Records
Party Hard EP "Party Hard"/"Dig This" Biglove Records
Latin Bash EP "Aha"/"Chantos" Ospina Digital
Jammin EP "Jamming" Soulstar
Henderson "Imagine Music" Molto/Italy
Mission Soul Feat. Frank Carter" Turn It Around" Ospina Digital
Funked EP "Holding On"/"The Feeling" Spina Records
Andricka Hall "I Need Music" Clubstar Records
Augusto Band "Jamming" Soulstar Records
Versa "Chanting Souls" Saw Records
D.Ospina "Alegria" & "Colombian Swing" Gossip
D.Ospina "Do it" Spina Records
D.Ospina "Canto Bueno" Spina Records
Andricka Hall "Hotter" Spina Records
D.Ospina EP "Saxxo" Gossip
Versa "Chanting Souls" Saw Records
D.Ospina "Alegria" & "Colombian Swing" Gossip
D.Ospina Feat. Bendal Holt "Fever" Spina Records
D.Ospina "Do it" Spina Records
D.Ospina "Canto Bueno" Spina Records
Andricka Hall "Hotter" Spina Records
D.Ospina EP "Saxxo" Gossip
Versa "Chanting Souls" Saw Records
D.Ospina "Lights Out" &"Good Love" Defected
D.Ospina "I Need More" Spina Records
Andricka Hall "Me Without You" Definity
Ozone Park EP "Into Your Mind" Definity Records
D.Ospina Feat.Toni Smith "Surrender" Subliminal
Real Soul "Something" Playland/Priority
Ultra Deep 2 "Sweet Love" Global Cuts/R&S
Sweet Groove "Real Love" Subversive UK
Bobby D'Ambrosio Album "Thinking Of You" Definity
Ultra Deep "You Need Some Lovin" R&S Records
NYC Live & Direct "I Want You" Slip'n'Slide
Vibe State "Love Play" Henry Street
Spanish Club House "Samba Baby" Slip'n'Slide
NYC Live & Direct 2 "Everything U Need" Slip'n'Slide
Ospina Style "On My Mind" Sneak Tip
NYC Live & Direct "Move Like This" Slip'n'Slide
Chronicles EP "Strings" Henry Street
Chronicles II "Wexican" Henry Street
Chronicles III "Heard Paradise" Henry Street
El Cantor "Toma" Digital Dungeon
El Cantor "Tocame La Musica" Digital Dungeon
Artistic Freedom "It'll Be Alright" Seige Records
Status Control "Come Get Me" Seige Records
Status Control "Taking Over Me" Transworld UK
Status Control "Ain't You Happy" Digital Dungeon
Jazz Men "Feel Like Dancin" Digital Dungeon
D.A.M. Project "I Can't Stop" Emotive Records
D.A.M. Project "Live It Up" Emotive Records
High Lyfe "Lifted" Emotive Records
D-Series "Get Up & Dance" Digital Dungeon
Grand Central "Real Good" Slip'n'Slide
Roc & Kato "Alright" Slip 'n' Slide
Proyecto Uno "Thoughts of You" J & N Records
NYC Live & Direct EP "You" Transworld UK
D-Scape "Get Up" Waako Records
The Blades Posse "Right On" Freeze
Hy-Boy "Zooted" Eight Ball
Hy-Boy "Blasted" Eight Ball
Kings from Queens EP "Chunga Chunga" Junior
D.O.C. Project "Take It On Up" Cutting Records
Latin Kings "Mamba" Digital Dungeon

Jocelyn Brown "Aint No Mountain High Enough" Incredible UK (David
Morales Remix)
Slyk 130 "Reason" Ovum/Columbia (David Morales Remix)
ELT "Necessary" Avex/Japan (Bobby D' Remix)
Bobby D' Ambrosio "Kisses" Definity
Code 6 "Forgotten Moments" Nu Groove (Joey Beltram)
Chanelle "Feel the Earth Move" DT 161 Records
Nick Jones "Work Song" DT 161 Records
Hard Times "Underground Mass" Azuli UK (Roc&Kato Remix)
Rochelle Fleming "Danger" DMC # 137
(Roc&Kato Remix)
636/Arnold Jarvis "Rain" Strictly Rhythm
(Danny"Buddah" Morales & Oscar Poche)
Bad Boy Orch. "Puerto Rico" Sneak Tip (Norty Cotto)